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Monday, 14 October 2013

Operation Use Everything Up

I have too many beauty products. Fact. I tend to move onto new products when I've only half finished others. This means I have a glut of products that sit neglected in drawers. Because I can't bear to throw out products that are perfectly useable, I am on a mission to use everything up before buying new. The past couple of weeks I have made a rather big dent in the stash and I feel much better for it. I do not  feel surrounded by things and am only going to repurchase products that I really like (fingers crossed)

This means I am revisiting some old favourites and am going to be doing some mini reviews as the empties pile up. 

This week.....

1. MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation
£25.00 40ml 

Gawdddddddd! I have had a bit of a love hate relationship with this foundation. The truth is that it really doesn't suit me and I should have given it away. However, when you buy an expensive product that doesn't work you want to persevere with it out of sheer bloody mindedness. I will say that the foundation was a very good colour match for me but that's where the compliments end. I found that when I started using this product, everyone was still using their hands or one of those ancient flat foundation brushes. So I brushed it onto my skin and it looked hideous. It was cakey and very unnatural in appearance. I put it down as a lesson learned but held onto the foundation in the hopes that one day it would magically change. Months later I had been using a buffing brush to apply my foundation  and  decided to give it another whirl with said product. It seemed to work really well. I was really happy with the application and I went out on my merry way. It wasn't until I checked my reflection a few hours later that to my horror I discovered that the product had separated and had reverted to being cakey and generally gross. I tried it on a few nights out and heat and this foundation don't mix. The photos of me look terrible. If this foundation works for you, excellent. I thought it was awful. in fact I have yet to find a MAC foundation that I actually like. Sigh*

2. Philosophy Cinnamon Buns Shower Cream
£14.00 480ml
I love this product. Love it. It smells like a cinnamon swirl danish that has been slathered in cream. It's luxurious and mouthwatering. However, it contains sulphates (a gentle derivative) so I may have to consider repurchasing. It didn't make me itchy so we may be reunited again one day. This would be perfect as a Christmas present and embodies Autumn and Winter. Very sad this has finished. 

3. Dove Intensive Repair Hair Mask
£3.99 180ml
Now I still use sulphate free shampoos but I can pretty much use any conditioner and hair treatment as they don't irritate my scalp. I do really like the dove range. I am on the last dregs of a leave in heat protectant that is pretty good. This is how I'd describe this product. Pretty good. It's not a miracle worker and I am now using a mask that I prefer. However, if you're looking for an affordable hair mask to use a couple of times a week then this could be for you. It's often on offer and can be picked up for half price. 

What products have you used up lately? 


Tuesday, 8 October 2013

A little rave ( a little late)

A little rave returns. This week, I've gone for some makeup that I have been loving. 
Now I usually have precise requirements when it comes to daily eyeshadow. 

1. Must be highly pigmented.
2. Must be in the brown family. (I don't dabble with other colours. I wear browns of every variation)
3. Must be affordable. I'm wearing these shadows daily so unfortunately a Tom Ford palette is out of the question. 

And step forth.....

MUA's Eyeshadow Trio in 

A duo chrome dark brown shadow (near enough perfect dupe of MAC's Club) A bronze shade and a champagne (perfect for brow highlight or similar)

and Chocolate Box

A pink hued bronze shade (lovely and warm), a rich chocolate and a rosy pink shade. 

£2.50 (Need I say more) 

Now don't get me wrong, I love a high end eyeshadow palette. I have about six urban decay ones easily came in at over £20 each. The consistency of the shadows are buttery, smooth and the pigmentation is fantastic. However, MUA really hit the nail on the head in terms of quality and value for money. No, the formulation is not as luxurious as other brands but the colour pay off is fantastic for a mere £2.50. Even more so considering a single MAC eyeshadow will now set you back £12.50. 

Swatch of Innocence

One thing to mention is that all these shadows have a metallic finish. None are matte. You can use a wet brush to apply and receive a more intense colour payoff that lasts longer. I always use a primer under eyeshadows as I have oily lids. 

What are your favourite eyeshadows?