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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

A little rave is back....

Apologies as I said I would do this post on a Friday. Anyhoos, here it is. 

This week the crown goes to.......

Alpha H Liquid gold £29.00 for 100ml

This is one of those products that has completely divided users. Some people swear by it and others have seen little improvement to their skin. I'm guessing those who have had a negative experience are those who already have 'good' skin to begin with. What I mean is, normal (not oily or dry) and no uneven skin tone or texture. Needless to say my skin is far from perfect and I'm in the Liquid Gold fan club. 

Essentially, Liquid Gold is a liquid exfoliator that contains fruit acids. 'I can't put acid on my face!' Please! The fruit acids contained in the product lightly exfoliate any dead skin. This dead skin may be causing flakiness or it may be causing spots as it can clog pores. Liquid Gold is a product which has totally negated the need for manual exfoliants. PUT DOWN THE ST IVES SCRUB NOW. 

I apply this product once a day in the evening. I take off all my makeup and apply it to a clean face. Liquid Gold comes out as a clear water like substance and can be swept over the face on a cotton pad. It doesn't sting but anyone who has used Clinique Clarifying Lotion will be familiar with the smell and feel on the skin. You are aware that this product is doing something. 

Anyways, Liquid Gold becomes your only step. You do not use any other products along side. Alpha H recommend that you use the product 2-3 times per week. I have gone through stages of using it every night and my skin did not become irritated at all. 

Right, so what does it actually do for your skin. I've already mentioned the exfoliation. Well, in the morning after use I notice a real glow to my skin. It feels plump and any blemishes I have will have calmed down. Foundation applies like a dream after this as there are no dead skin cells causing dry areas or congestion. After using Liquid Gold religiously for a number of months I completely stopped getting any blemishes at all. 

All in all, this is a must have product for me. 

Have you tried Liquid gold? 

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