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Monday, 9 September 2013

Dr Bronner's Magic Soap - Sulphate Free

It's pretty hard to remember life pre- Dr Bronner. In fact, I can just about remember life and It was pretty itchy and scratchy on occasion. 

So you should be familiar with my penchant for sulphate free cleansers. I had seen the extraordinary results on my face, scalp and hair and now I was itching (literally) to find a sulphate free body wash. 

I had seen this product reviewed by numerous beauty bloggers as an excellent brush cleanser. Well, how wasted it is on makeup brushes! Whilst perusing the aisles of TK Maxx, I came across some travel sizes and jumped at the chance to try them at a fraction of the usual cost. The obsession began.....

The product has the consistency of olive oil but when applied to a loofah it transforms into a richly scented, luxurious lather. It leaves the skin squeaky clean. Now, I'm not usually a fan of squeaky clean. However, it leaves the skin comfortable and nourished. I've even skipped body lotion after use and my skin didn't feel tight at all.

Dr Bronner's website say 'A combination of organic extra virgin coconut, olive, jojoba and hemp oils, together with pure essential oils, creates a unique soap that cleans effectively without being aggressive and produces a velvety-lather that leaves the skin silky-smooth and refreshed'. 

The product it available in a variety of scents including Rose, Almond, Lavender, Tea Tree, Citrus, Peppermint and Eucalyptus. My personal favourites are the Citrus and Almond scents. I prefer the Citrus scent in warmer weather and the smell itself is really authentic, almost like the spray you get when peeling an orange. Almond is very comforting and the scent I am currently using as we head into the warmer months. If you like Battenburg cake then this is the one for you!

I've even got my boyfriend in on the act! His psoriasis clears up completely when using Dr Bronner's. Coincidence? I think not! 

The brand itself has a rich history having been making cleaning products for over 150 years. Dr Bronner's is certified organic and Fair Trade. What's not to love?

Check out for more information on the wide range of  sulphate free products and the story behind the brand

Happy scrubbing

xxx Holly 

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