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Thursday, 5 September 2013

My hair care routine

I finally have a hair care routine that I feel is working really well for me and today I wanted to pass on the love!

Before I begin I just wanted to try and give you a brief history of my hair and it's  many past lives. 

I will try and insert some pictures (as horrendous as they may be) 

Through my early twenties my hair has been a variety of different colours. My natural hair colour is a golden brown and I started getting a half head of highlights around my late teens. I went through phases of dying it very dark and then going back to highlights. I also went through a spell of dying it red. I loved the colour but the whole dying process needed to be repeated so often my hair started falling out in clumps.

i think probably the dying, coupled with the use of extensions (a full head for over a year) contributed to the poor condition of my hair. 

About two years ago I decided I would stop dying my hair and just maintain the roots. My Mum was going through a similar process as her hair was more or less completely white and I was inspired. So I just stopped dying it. At this point it was a very dark brown colour.  I wont lie, it was pretty grim having very dark tips and lighter roots but i soldiered on and I'm pretty much (besides a couple of highlights) at my natural colour now. I only colour the roots as I have considerably more greys than a couple of years ago. My hair feels much healthier, stronger and generally happier. 

I'll pop in a quick photo......

And now onto the products!

Naked Rescue Intense Care Shampoo £4.19 for 250ml Boots

I have been using this shampoo for about three months now.  I was looking for a sulphate free shampoo and this one is perfect. My hair feels clean and nourished. There is no build up or residue at all. The price is great and if you live near a TJ Hughes in the North West it is currently on sale for £1.99. Go now! 

S Factor Serious Conditioner Currently £23.21 for 750ml

Now, I don't mind admitting I'm a bit of a floozy when it comes to conditioners. I have commitment issues due to the fact I am convinced something better will come along. This conditioner is lovely. It's very rich, smells like a strawberry milkshake and leaves your hair feeling silky soft. I tend to only use this conditioner from the ears down as it could weigh down fine hair if used to liberally. The Tigi S Factor range is also available at so you could try a small size of the conditioner  and see if you like!

Leave in hair treatment
Redken Extreme Anti Snap
£14.32 for 250ml

I'm pretty obsessed with this stuff at the moment. If i have forgotten to use it i get into a bit of a panic (no lie) It is a leave in treatment that contains protein and is designed to strengthen your hair and stop your ends from splitting and snapping off. As the bottom of my hair is the most damaged from dying I do tend to get split ends quite easily. This leave in treatment is a lifesaver. You put about two pumps of the lotion onto your hands and distribute it through your hair. The lotion also acts as a heat protectant so it really is a multi-tasking product. I have noticed a marked difference in the condition of my hair and it seems to be finally growing that extra inch!

This product would be great for anyone with damaged, coloured or over processed hair. It is part of a whole range of matching products too!

Living Proof Prime Style Extender £17.00 for 148ml

Now this is an interesting product. The range is the brain child of two MIT professors and Jennifer Anniston is heavily involved also. Needless to say if Jennifer Anniston told me to rub baked beans in my hair I would probably do it. The women has probably the most famous hair in the world. Anyways, Living Proof claims to be at the forefront of haircare science. Check out for a much better explanation than I could ever give. 

In a nut shell, this product is designed to coat the hair follicle and shield it from humidity and prolong your style. Applied when damp, it makes your hair feel really silky and has a lovely citrus scent. I have noticed a definite improvement in the length of time that my hair stays looking sleek and anything that helps banish the frizz has my seal of approval. 

Living Proof also do a range of sulphate free shampoos and conditioners which are on my hit list!

Stay tuned! 

What are your favourite hair products? 

xxx Holly 

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